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soy flower candle

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 Christina Ong and Valeri Valeriano founded Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, a multi-award-winning cake company based in London.

Renowned globally for their edible works of art using nothing else but buttercream as their decorating medium, They have been featured in numerous well known blogs, local and international news, magazines, TV Shows and have showcased their masterpieces as well as demonstrated in some of biggest exhibition worldwide. Valeri and Christina take immense pride in their mastery of buttercream and their goal is to revive and modernize this age-old art. They are also proud Authors of 4 bestselling books to date.

A typical technique using buttercream is flower piping. Valeri & Christina taught this technique and they have made hundreds of cakes and cupcakes with buttercream flowers. And now, they have used their expertise to create all the lovely wax arts

From Cakes to Candles 

Back in 2017, we bought a 1kg bag of soy wax as we wanted to try to make a homemade scented candle. But since we travel a lot to teach cake decorating, it was kept in a cupboard, then eventually forgotten. Fast forward to 3 years after, we found that same bag, all dusty. This year (2020), was rather challenging and suddenly, we had so much time in our hands. Ando so, pots were out and in no time, our kitchen was messy again…although this time, it was not because of buttercream, but with wax. Instead of the smell of a baked cake, our kitchen, or our whole house rather, was quickly filled with a lovely Bergamot scent. We have nearly used up all our mixing bowls to tint the waxes into beautiful colours.

…and few hours after…we have made our first flower candle.

soy flower candle
soy flower candle

One candle turned to two, then three..and the next thing we know, we have been spending a lot of sleepless nights pouring… waiting… burn testing… then repeat for months. Until finally, you are now reading this in our brand new website, with a logo entitled, Couture Candle Bar Ltd.

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